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Laura Ahearn, attorney, social worker, and victim advocate, has dedicated her career to protecting our most vulnerable and providing help to those in need.  She has a 25 year proven track record of delivering for Suffolk County as a fierce advocate for sexual assault victims, victims of violent crimes, and elderly minor and disabled victims of property crime.  Laura is a collaborator who has helped draft and advocate for local, state, and federal policies and legislation to enhance victims rights and protect our community.  Laura  supports law enforcement and ensuring they have the resources they need to protect our community.  

Over the past 25 years she has demonstrated her commitment to Suffolk County families, workers, small businesses, women and children and our most vulnerable and she will use her skills, experience, and passion to fight for us on issues such as:    

Keeping our Community Safe, Promoting Public Safety and Giving Victims and Their Families a Voice

  • Victims of sexual assault are entitled to timely access to trauma-informed, compassionate, patient-centered medical care and victim advocacy in a private setting that provides emotional support and reduces further trauma.

  • Working collaboratively with stakeholders to ensure victims and their families receive the trauma-informed and comprehensive services they are entitled to. 

  • Developing and delivering primary prevention educational programs to prevent sexual assault and relationship violence. 

  • Strengthening victim's rights for sexual assault, domestic violence and all victims of violent crime and promote community public safety. 

  • Supporting reformation of bail reform and discovery laws to ensure victims and the community are protected from violent predators

  • Opposing reforms to parole that allow sexual predators and other violent offenders from early release. 

  • Ensure that law enforcement has the resources and funding needed to protect our communities and provide necessary support staff and training - Protect them from defunding efforts

  • Fighting for sexual assault and domestic violence victims rights

  • Strengthening Megan's Law

  • Ensuring Problem Solving Courts such as the Drug Court, Mental Health Court, and Veteran's Court have the staff and resources they need. 

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